Abbas and Cleo the Assistant

🔥 Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

AH: Hi, my name is Abbas. You can find me all over the internet as @bagmanstudios. I am an illustrator out of Michigan. I use the term illustrator instead of artist usually because ‘artist’ has such a serious tone, and I am not a very serious person. Although I do take making my non-serious illustrations very seriously. I have a website,, and I sell prints and stickers and other nonsense out of there. Most days I am humbled that people would even look at my stuff, so managing to make a living selling it still feels like a passing…

Alessandro and his rescue dog Balto.

A: Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

AG: My name is Alessandro. I am a back-end web developer from Vancouver BC (immigrated from Germany in 2009) and I am the creator & operator of Sprout Pool, a Cardano stake pool. My main goal is to run a reliable stake pool while educating people new to the crypto space through educational content on youtube and other social media outlets.

I went from learning what it means to run a stake pool to getting our pool’s first delegator in about 3 months; something I am super proud of and excited about. …


A: Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

D: Hello, my name is Dimitar Dimitrov and I am addicted to Privacy, Security, and Freedom. For 14 years, I worked in the telecommunications sector from the lowest stair tread through to a small telecom owner to a person handing you a Safe flyer on the street. Let me tell you about the magic of the Safe Network and how it changed my life.

A: What’s your backstory, how did you come to get involved in the Safe Network?

D: In 2014, I came across an article explaining how a small Scottish company raised $ 7 million in 5 hours and how servers must die for the Internet to survive. This seemed terribly funny to…

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Welcome to the very first 🔥Crypto Fireside! Grab a warm blanket and get comfy.

Professor Ponzo is the lead creator and developer of the ERC-31337 protocol, kETH, Rootkit Finance, Unifund, and upTether.

A: Hello! Who are you and what do you do?

PP: I’m an anonymous crypto dev but I’ve been involved in the industry since well before the word industry was used, there was only Bitcoin back then. I don’t ever comment on anything too personal or identifiable so I’ll leave it at that.

A: Why are you anonymous?

PP: I want my ideas to live or die based on merit, and not be judged on who I am or what I look like. The safety of myself and my loved ones is also a factor due to the value I control or control by proxy. …

So comfy. Credit:

The title says it all.

My little corner of the web here will be changing.

I decided I was bored with writing my thoughts, opinions, and updates on cryptocurrency projects, and besides everyone else is doing it and with a healthy dose of shill and hype.

I’d rather chat with the people behind the projects and let them do the talking. The developers, community members and leaders, the content creators, nerds, weirdos, modern Cypherpunks, and maybe some of the old ones too.

These folks are interesting and they have interesting things to say.

And surprisingly when I reached out and asked if they’d like to…

SAFE NETWORK image credit:

Team MaidSafe from Ayr Scotland announced via their community forum on April 9th that their Fleming Testnet was dropping!

The Fleming testnet has dropped!

It feels very much like a decade+ of research and development, trial and error, blood, sweat and tears has borne some fruit today. We know you’ve been here for the ride and stuck with us, so enjoy trying it out and of course spread the word of what we’re achieving together here!

You can consider this Fleming testnet as the dry run, or the pre-flight checks for the huge milestone that is the Fleming release itself…

Unifund is the world’s first decentralized mutual fund.

Unifund (Uniswap: $iFUND) was built so that anyone can create or invest in trustless social trade groups (boomers call these mutual funds) via the Uniswap protocol.

In plain English: Anyone can use the Unifund app to create and invest in a fund that trades Uniswap tokens.

*If you don’t know what Uniswap is here is a rundown from coindesk.

Unifund was initially created and released under Unipump brand in September 2020 by Professor Ponzo the creator of the ERC-31337 protocol, Rootkit Finance (Uniswap: $ROOT), and most recently upMarketCap.

Currently, at the time of this writing, there are nine (9) active…

For some reason, this Rocket-horned Unicorn represents decentralized mutual funds.

If you Google the term “What is a mutual fund?” you won't find any description or answer that uses the words ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘decentralized’.

That’s because it’s never existed before.

Welcome to the new era of decentralized mutual funds!

Unifund ($iFUND) is the group behind this new era of decentralized finance releasing their technology to the world in the latter stages of 2020.

What Unifund does is allow cryptocurrency investors, be they the clever and wealthy kind or the kind that plays video games in basements', to invest in the cryptocurrency market, specifically and currently the Uniswap market via their decentralized mutual fund app.

These mutual funds or as Unifund like to call them ‘social trade groups’ are managed by other users, any other…

Big news out of the little known Safe Network Forum just hours ago…

For those that have been following this project for as many years as I have (5+ I think 🤔) this is beyond friggin exciting!

If David’s comments are anything to go by, and one would assume the CEO and founder has a level of special-intel us regular Internet sleuths are not privy to, it seems that maybe, just maybe, maybe-finally, all the years of intense work and dedication could be about to come to fruition.

David made the comments via the Safe Network Forum, a place for followers of the project to communicate, in a response to user wydeleie who…

MaidSafe announced in its regular weekly update that it was releasing the first version of its standalone Network calling it Baby Fleming.

What is Baby Fleming?

To know what Baby Fleming is, first we need to understand what the Fleming milestone is.

MaidSafe on Fleming:

SAFE Fleming Network

The next major milestone for the SAFE Network. Whilst the Shared Vault Network will continue to function, this will be a standalone Network that will enable individuals to run Vaults — decentralised storage from home computers. …

Andrei Rotariu

I write about Crypto projects and interview folks from the industry. Grab a warm blanky and get comfy.

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