At Crypto Fireside, we interview (AMA) a wide variety of doers. Entrepreneurs, coders, artists, founders and more, all from the Cryptocurrency and related fields.

We share these stories, lessons learned, tips, tricks and more. Each interview is published in a Q&A (AMA) style, we ask a range of questions that builds a great origin and founder story, giving you detailed insights into the projects, but also, into the people behind them.

People build things. Things don't build people.

That is why we focus on the person behind the thing as much as the thing itself. That is the philosophy behind Crypto Fireside. The stories are meant to be inspiring, but also motivating. We hope to inspire and motivate you one day.

Hi, I'm Andrei R. I started Crypto Fireside in April 2021. I started it because of two reasons. [1] I love talking to people about the things that they do, it comes naturally to me. I'm curious by nature and web-based technologies like Crypto fuel my curiosity. [2] I was sick of the Crypto content at the time. It was all about money and nerdy mathematical stuff when Crypto is really about people, all technology is about people at the end of the day. Crypto was built as a freedom tool. And you can't have freedom without people.

We are always looking for new people to interview - email me or hit me up on Telegram.

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